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Towing a car north of Riyadh – rooftop east of Riyadh) _ rooftop number


Towing a car on time and at acceptable prices

There is also a service ((Accident Estimates/Traffic Estimates))

Accident estimates are a car accident damage pricing service through the electronic

system provided by a body of evaluators and then through an evaluation program.

It is a process to facilitate the pricing of damages resulting from collision accidents to determine the material

value required for car parts
The affected person may claim it later…either through insurance companies or a direct claim from the

opponent through the traffic departments specialized in car accidents.


What are the accidents that are subject to the accident estimation system?

From the title, it appears to you that not all car accidents are subject to

the accident assessment system, so not all parties who
Their cars were involved in an

accident, and the car towing service requires them to go to the assessment centers to find out the

value of the resulting damage to their cars, and then here we confirm that it is only
The car that is subject to the claim

system is the one that goes to the car accident damage assessment center to estimate the cost of repair

resulting from the accident

We help you find specialized and reliable repair shops to make your search easier

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We are located in the northern and eastern region of the city of Riyadh..

towing winch


A winch for towing a car or a platform for transporting cars is the same verb with a different name.

Some people only know the old name

For the roof, and in order to save them the trouble of searching for us, we decided to write this article

specifically for them, as we provide winch service 24 hours a day.

Twenty hours, seven days a week


Car towing winch north of Riyadh


As we mentioned, we provide a car winch service, but we must clarify our locations in order to make it

easier for customers

Those close to us communicate together, so we are located in the city of Riyadh in the northern region, or what is called the north

Riyadh and we have another presence in several cities


Places we will explain in the other section of the article, but let us explain the neighborhoods that we

cover in the northern part of the city. The neighborhoods are:


Al-Falah neighborhood near Exit 7, as well as Al-Izdihar neighborhood, which is also close to the exit, and

nearby neighborhoods are Al-Taawun neighborhood and Al-Wadi neighborhood

As well as the Al-Masif neighborhood, Al-Nafal neighbor, Al-Muruj neighborhood, and Al-Ghadir

neighborhood, all of which we provide car towing winch services in northern Riyadh

There are also neighborhoods north of Riyadh, which are behind the neighborhoods mentioned above on

the northern side, but are not adjacent to the ring road.

The northern neighborhood, such as the Yasmine neighborhood, the Rabie neighborhood, which is Al-

Narjis, the Al-Sahafa neighborhood, Al-Malqa, and Al-Aqiq, all of which we provide a flatbed number service for transportation.

For transporting cars


 East of Riyadh


The car towing winch service is also available in the eastern neighborhoods of Riyadh, extending

along the Eastern Ring Road and beyond towards

The east, such as Al-Sulay neighborhood, Al-Jazeera neig, or Al-Salam neighborhood, as well as Al-

Rawabi neighborhood, and this is an overview of the neighborhoods that are located in the section

The eastern part of the ring or the neighborhoods that are located on the western section, including the

Malaz neighborhood, which has a rooftop service in the Malaz neighborhood.

As well as the Al-Rabwa neighborhood and the Sulaymaniyah in which we also provide car towing

winch services, and there is the Al-Rawda neighborhood and the neighborhood

Jerusalem and Andalusia, Al-Hamra neighborhoods, as well as the Granada and Cordoba

neighborhoods, and we do not forget to remind you that we provide an accident estimation service for those who…

He wants to transport his cars to the estimation centers or the showroom sheikh

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