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Traffic in Riyadh Accidents estimates in Riyadh

 Accidents estimates of accidents with the Sheikh of the exhibitions all serve the same purpose
If the traffic accident is released by the traffic patrols, you must review the section to which a collision zone is subject
Cars to take traffic estimates permit ((estimate sheet))
Example: If the accident occurred in the north of Riyadh, you must review the North passage to collect the accident estimate sheet and if it is
The accident west of Riyadh, you should review the passage of the west to collect the accident estimate sheet, and so on
If Najm (Najm Company)
He is the one who edited the accident so you can immediately (without waiting for the next day) according to the report given to you by an NajmN employee
You go to the assessment centers and estimate your car without referring to the traffic departments. The estimate is as follows.
0503116070 (Hani)

How to estimate Accidents estimates the accident

 :First- Estimates of the workshops

Initially, workshop estimation is an office (Traffic Accidents Estimate Office) officially approved by Traffic (Section)
Accidents) and from insurance companies (and not some people think they are random workshops) in which traffic officers and delegates are present
For specialized workshops. For workshop estimation, there are two types: conventional estimation and electronic estimation

B – Electronic Assessment: The new accident assessment system

This estimate is recent, or what is called the new taqdeer, and it is electronically linked to companies
Insurance and traffic departments (accident department) where the estimation employee imports your accident data from Najm or traffic systems
The accidents section, after which he photographed the vehicle to inspect the damage, and if it became clear to him that the car was expensive, he referred you to
The sheikh of the exhibition, but if it becomes clear to him that it is inexpensive, he sends all the data and the estimate that he made to price the parts electronically
From authorized dealers and gives you a receipt to receive the amount and estimate the vehicle and inform you to wait for a text message arriving at your phone within several days includes a link ..when you enter the link , all estimates data will appear with you,and then a company will be reviewed insyrance or traffic department

 :A – Estimates offices are located in the industries

(Traffic Estimate Office in Al Daery Industrial – Exit 18 – Al Daery Industrial behind the net dairy company)
(Accident Assessment Office in Al-Oruba Industrial / Umm Al-Hamam) – The intersection of Al-Oruba Road with Al-Takhasosi Street) –
(Sand Estimate Office)… Al-Remal industrial area is behind the international auction within Al-Remal neighborhood industrial
(Office of Traffic Estimates in the Capital Industrial City) .. Exit 28 next to the Cooperative Insurance Claims Center

 :B – Timing of accident estimates / traffic estimates

From Saturday to Thursday ((Friday holiday)) Morning period: from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening – except for
Estimates of Arabism, which is open from Sunday to Thursday ((Friday and Saturday holidays)) from 8 am to 4 pm

 :Second – The Accidents estimates of the sheikh of the exhibitions

Simply: the Accidents estimates of the showroom sheikh is to give the value of the price of the car before the accident and to give the value of the price of the car after
The accident (bearing in mind that it has lost its market value after being damaged)
The difference between the two quotes is what you are compensated for.

.There are places for estimating the Sheikh of exhibitions in car sales fairs

Al-Naseem Exhibitions (Al-Hamza Gallery)
It has two working hours one morning and one evening (from 8 am to 12 noon)
And from 4 pm – 7 pm) from Sunday to Thursday – Al Hamzah Gallery was suspended
Al-Shifa Showrooms (Al-Maliki Showroom + Al-Zaidani Showroom) .. From
Sunday to Thursday have two working hours, one in the morning from 8 in the morning – 12 in the afternoon – and the other in the evening from 4 in
Afternoon – 7 pm .. Al-Zaidani Gallery has been suspended
Sheikh of Al-Qadisiyah showroom: Al-Hamidi Gallery

:Estimated fees are

150 riyals for the workshop appreciation section and 100 riyals for the section for the estimation of the showroom sheikh .. if the car is not transferred to the car showroom sheikh
There are fees for the quotations for the coins, note: if you carry a star card with you and the second party is in the accident (
If your opponent) is insured on his car, you will not pay fees at the rating centers, so the insurance will ensure that the discount is paid either
The car showroom’s fees will be paid by you, but insurance will cover it for you
As for the passage of assessment sheet, you will
Pay the fees and then you will demand it directly or demand insurance. If you want our services, please contact us at

sat7a Riyadh 0503116070

:Margin 1

Your accident may be minor, and accordingly, it will not be transferred to the Sheikh, and the workshop assessment section will only assess the damage
And cost pricing
This condition only applies to somewhat old cars, and the location of the shock in the car is light or
If the accident was just a minor scratch .. this would not be “expensive”
The cars that were transferred to the Sheikh of the opposition are
Expensive cars .., some cars may be hit by a hidden object, but the type may be one of the more expensive types and parts
Its spare parts are of high prices. This type of car is an “expensive” estimate, according to which the car is converted into
Exhibition Sheikh 5.

 :Margin 2

In the electronic estimate, the text message may be delayed until it reaches you, so do not wait until you receive it, if it is more than 48
An hour in which you go to the insurance company (if your opponent has insurance) or go to the traffic (if your opponent is not insured)
Then you will find all the estimate data in front of you

0503116070 (Hani)

 :Very important note

According to the Najm report, you are obligated to start with the workshop Accidents estimates (traffic / accidents) first and they are the ones to be authorized
They can refer you to the sheikh of the opponent .. As for the pass sheet, you can go to the sheikh ((only)) then
It was specifically directed to him .. But if it is written on the assessment sheet to the accident assessment offices, you are obliged to go
To them and they are the only ones authorized to transfer you to the Sheikh. 0503116070 (Hani)

 .Below – Estimated office hours for Ramadan

Estimating centers and exhibition elders are open from Sunday to Thursday – the morning period from 10 am to 1 pm – the period
Evening from 9 pm until 12 midnight.
0503116070 (Hani)

تقديرات المرور / تقديرات الحوادث / شيخ المعارض
تقديرات المرور / تقديرات الحوادث / شيخ المعارض


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